TD Anthracite was established in Poland as trading company of Anthracite and T coal.

Company owns coal stocks in Russia. In addition, the location lends itself to easy access by land and sea, including close proximity to the port of Rostov on the Azov Sea and the deep port in Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. Convenient position of our stocks helps to fulfill contracts with international partners.

TD Anthracite distributes anthracite and T coal for export to the EU and countries of the Middle East. The anthracite and T coal provided by TD Anthracite conform to the requirements of national and EU quality standards and is confirmed by certified quality documents of nternational independent laboratories such as CCI, Incolab and SGS.

TD Anthracite has a number of satisfied long-term customers and the list is growing. Our customers demand quality products, reliability, on-time delivery, competitive pricing and a professional approach to customer satisfaction.  TD Anthracite works hard every day to meet all these requirements.

Moreover, in 2014, TD Anthracite acquired production plant of anthracite raw materials for steel plants. Our range of products includes high-quality slag foaming agent and carburizer in different kinds of packages.